Braiding ecoliteracy

Whether one believes that deep, spiritual connections between all things exist, believe in string theory, or maybe something else all together, it’s evident that something draws and ties us all together.  Very much the same in this fashion, ecoliteracy and what people believe it to be are usually similar.  These ideas that draw us together and weave our beliefs into one.  Similarly, Ashley’s ecoliteracy poem goes on to talk about a deep appreciation for nature and an eagerness to be one with it.  The shame with this eagerness and appreciation though is that often times it fades as people grow older.  All too often as people age, they go outside less and less until they rarely venture out of their house.

People get caught up in their day to day lives and forget to enjoy the beauty that surrounds them.  This concept is briefly mentioned in Sam’s poem as a cause of strife for our mother.  What may start as a simple ignorance or apathy on our part could grow into absolute calamity if left unchecked.  It our responsibility to care for our planet, much as it cares for us.

Going forward, we must ask ourselves the question “What does it mean to be ecoliterate?” For some it might be as small as being mindful of what is recycling versus what is garbage.  For others it might be more developed like how they can go about reducing their carbon footprint as much as possible.  We must a band together and work towards a brighter future, for we are stronger together than we are on our own.  Together we can find a way to weave all of our ideas for a better tomorrow into a braid that will stand the strain of capitalistic temptations.

As with the friluftsliv video we watched, the beauty of nature is a mindset, not a place.  Whether we find ourselves in the bustle of downtown life, sitting at a park bench, or in the middle of a forest surrounded by trees, one can always take a moment to appreciate all that the earth provides us with.  However short and sweet the moment may be, much like Alex’s poem, the beauty of nature permeates the soul almost instantly.  As the old adage goes, take the time to stop and smell the roses.  Actions as simple as these can remind us all of the importance taking care of our earth ultimately is.


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