CJ 2 : What will you do?

With the rapidly deteriorating state of the environment due to capitalism and consumerism, we as the human race need to start rallying together and taking action to combat this.  All to often people become discouraged when presented with such a daunting task to overcome and thusly believe that it is futile to take action.  What people often forget though is the power an entire population has versus the power a single person has.  Change does not happen overnight, it is a slow, time consuming process that occurs over extended periods of time.

In light of this, what I will do to bring apathy to action is to start with the little things.  In saying this, here are several examples I’m looking to start doing.  First off, use minimal lighting when at home.  Instead of using several lights at once, use only the one that is most advantageous for the task I’m completing.  I don’t need the living room light on when my desk lamp will suffice.  Secondly, I’m going to start sorting the waste my roommates and I produce at the house.  Establishing what is garbage versus what is recycling, also what type of recycling it is (blue bin versus Sarcan).  A list of recyclables is available on Sarcan’s website found here.

Lastly, the habit I want to embody more is the saying two feet and a heartbeat.  By this I mean to drive as little as possible, and walk whenever I can.  I know that Saskatchewan winters can be harsh, but with planning ahead and some bundling up on my part, it should be feasible.  This also includes carpooling and using public transportation when possible.  Going forward, my roommate and I are looking to bus to school when possible.  By starting small, these habits will develop and hopefully grow into more substantial actions in order to aid the environment.


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