CJ 3 : What does embodiment mean to you?

In terms of embodiment and what it means to me, it boils down to be true to your word.  By this I mean if I say I’m going to do something, then I had better do it.  All to often people have the best intentions, but that’s all that they are : intentions.  They back out of their promises or come up with excuses as to why they had to go back on their word.  An example of this was when the United States, albeit under new leadership, attempted to back out of the Paris agreement because they deemed it unfeasible.  This capitalistic train of thought often runs rampant across North America because people simply believe their words are good enough.  Thoughts and prayers alone aren’t enough to make a change, we have to be willing to BE the change we want to see.  For me, this embodiment typically takes form in Western ways of knowing seeing as this is what I have most experience in.  This involves quantifiable ways that I can help reduce emissions and embodying them, such as shorter drives and walking more.

In Dr. Seuss’ tale The Lorax, we see the effects of giving only our word and not embodying the change we want to see.  What started with only one tree grew to consume all the trees, but in the beginning claimed he would only use what was necessary.  Going back on his promise due to his greed, the world was nearly lost because the deep grip capitalism had.  At the very end, we see a shimmer of hope as the last truffula tree seed was given to start over.  With seeing how The Lorax panned out, it brings to light the flaws with modern day society.  In a society engrossed with the ideals of consumerism, the future may be bleak; however, should we band together to work for a better future, then perhaps all is not lost.


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