CJ 4 : Water Treatment Plant

This week as a class we went to the Regina Waste Water Treatment Plant.  Once we figured out our carpooling situation, we sallied forth and made our way there.  Upon arriving, we made our way inside and donned our protective equipment.  Throughout our visit we were guided by Ray, who was extremely informative and lead us all throughout the plant.  We as a class were able to see just how much work goes into making grey water reusable again.  With the consumerist society that is seeded in North America, the able to make waste use-able again is invaluable.

During the visit, all the work and power used to clean grey water really put into perspective how imperative it is to use as little water as possible.  Seeing all the high-tech machinery milling and the amount of wires being run everywhere was awe inspiring.  The reason plants like these are necessary is simply because of the amount of water wasted in our society.  It was following this visit that I really started to notice how much water I waste personally.  This visit was equally educational as it was eye opening.

In order to remedy the amount of waste produced, we must be advocates against water waste.  As said by Kimmerer, “[h]ere in the rainforest, I don’t want to be just a bystander to the rain, passive and protected; I want to be part of the downpour, to be soaked, along with the dark humus that squishes underfoot” (Kimmerer, 295) supporting the idea of taking action.  We must change apathy to action in order to bring about the change we want to see.  We can only control our own actions, but little by little we can show others the importance of ecoliteracy and sustainability.


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